Green Love Bird (Make-it & Take-It) No firing Reguired


8 ¼” L x 5″ W x 1″ H

Make Valentine’s Day very special to kids from OCC!

This cute project will make them smile and fill their hearts with joy!

We priced the kit especially for our friends at OCC and their friends, who want to bring smiles to their faces!

THANK YOU for purchasing and donating back to OCC!


Watch YOUTUBE TUTORIAL  (under 2 min.)


This POTTERY-TO-GO KIT comes with 1 brush, 3 colors, and a mini container of Mod Podge for a shiny finish.




This kit comes ONLY in a “Make-It & Take-it” paint finish.




“Make-it & Take-it” colors are non-toxic hight quality professional silky paints, which do not require kiln-firing. Best for children’s decorative pottery. Instant gratification guaranteed for the youngest! This type of finish needs just 1 coat of paint. We provide a jar of Mod-Podge for the glossy finish. This kit doesn’t need to be returned to the studio for kiln-firing.


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